Xinpay is spearheading the transformation of traditional remittance services by making it easier for individuals and businesses to access a variety of digital remittance options, such as bank accounts, debit cards, and e-wallet solutions that will come soon.

We recognize that individual and company needs are often quite diverse so we fulfill your need by providing a variety of low-cost global financial settlement options.

HR, Remittance Company & Financial Institutions

Xinpay provides financial institutions a comprehensive white-label solution for launch or expansion of their payment business. Our solution is ready to use and helps clients avoid the hassles of heavy investment and long gestation periods in research and development to build their remittance platform. Our proprietary remittance and foreign exchange solutions are designed to cater for all possible business configurations in terms of multiple channels, online portals, mobile applications and stores.

Our ready payment solutions suite facilitates online remittances to China, in just 60 seconds! It also contains a merchant acquiring module, with dedicated merchant portal and payment gateways, for issuing to virtual accounts and cards. What’s more, you can easily re-brand and market these services under your own portfolio and get into business.

As with all XinPay’s corporate solutions, our remittance service is also built on our three core values – Simple, Secured and Sustainable.

Easy payment, no hassle for your need.

We provide 3S service which is Speedy, Stable, and Safety


Non delay during the process money transfer.


Fund transfers free from hackers.


Keep your transferring safe fund.


The remittance industry experienced significant growth in the past decade and will probably continue to expand in the following years. The increased immigration rate of people in search of work or educational opportunities is likely one of the main causes.
Today, remittances represent the largest flow of funds into the developing world, surpassing foreign direct investments and official development assistance. Some developing economies are heavily dependent on cash that comes from abroad, making remittances a substantial component of their economy. As such, migrant worker’s transfer is now one of the main sources of income for many countries.
XinPay’s remittance and foreign exchange solutions caters possible multiple channels, online portals, mobile applications and stores. We work with our clients to customise their preferences with our remittance technology with our highly regulated, secured, and convenient and a fast transaction.
XinPay also interconnects between MoneyExpress, the UnionPay remittance platform, and Aleta Planet’s engine to facilitate cross-border payments into mainland China from international markets.

Foreign Remittance

We provide you with a wide range of foreign Remittance services to cater to your banking needs and foreign work remittances.

Special Remittance

Have a specific remittance need in mind? We offer Fast TT, over the counter foreign exchange and foreign worker remittances.

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