Xinpay platform can allow merchants to accept payments fast and online securely with email and SMS. The communication between system-to-system with real-time transaction status which is operated by our super safe API, makes you feel secure and at peace of mind.

Payment Online Convenient & Secure

No need for more procedures anymore during the payment and no need to worry about the missing fund, we will protect it for you.


No limitation on any currency, we accept every currency that you needed. Suitable foreign countries to apply for the conversion rate based on market value.

Creativity Payment Gateway through our Integration Service

We can provide you with our payment page which is created and designed based on your request. During the integration, Customer Service and Technical Support will assist you 24 hours and solve every of your concern on the spot.

Single Payments

We offer secure credit card and debit card acceptance from principal card issuers including Visa , Master & UnionPay.

Payment Form

We are able to provide a number of high secure and reliable payment form integration services. The simplest way of payment is via redirection, whereby the customer is redirected to XinPay's payment page during the payment process and redirected back to the merchant website once the payment process has been completed.

Regular Payment

Suitable for subscription services, membership fees or any other repeating payments such as those from sporting associations, clubs, libraries, and societies. Customers who don't use the API calls can use the web application (payment button) where the user interface allows individuals to manage and make recurring payments.

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